We can make any combination of cage, tailgate guard and dog guard, or if you have an idea and need someone to make it give us a call, after all the worst that we can say is no, but more than likely it will be yes. Please click on picture to enlarge. The cages shown below are just a sample of the many made.

Fold away cages .patent applied for

Fold away 4 cage in a Peugeot Expert, although this shows the modern pressed steel doors we make the old style wire mesh cages as well


Peugeot Expert




This is an 8 cage layout with variable dividers and sliding internal doors. This has a new feature of pressed steel doors which are lighter and stronger.


VW Caddy

This is a stand alone cage, the customer wanted a cage the could be taken out so that the people carrier could be used as normal. It has mesh sides and escape doors which are siding. Vehicle is a Nissan version of the Vauxhall Vivro


Ford Transit Custom

Two large main cages with storage above which can take small dogs (Spaniels). With side door


A VW Transporter customer with a BIG dog - a Newfoundland - and three collies. The Newfoundland needed a big cage and the collies got the rest plus an annex, although the collies did gain from the length of the cages and they got their own mini pull out jump board, The "annex" can be removed to allow the seats to be installed and the cages wrap around the seat belt fitting. The small cage above the large cage is for coats etc.

The Newfoundland in his new home


VW T6 Transporter

Stand alone cage for two small (LOL) Leonberger's

The cage has plastic sides and back to keep the car clean


We like to call this our boot cage. It is big enough for two medium collies and gives excellent rear vision.

This is in a Ford C max.


Merc Vito people carrier version

Inside the Vito showing escape doors which are standard on all cages.


Another Merc Vito with storage either side and pressed steel doors


VW Transporter T5

we can do most colours